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Car came with Continental ContiSportContacts so definitely not the original tires
Posted by: nnnick (9750) on 2017-01-19 16:28:21
In Reply to: Agreed, all the talk is the new tire is an improvment on the Super Sport pretty much posted by TunaTT on 2017-01-19 15:31:28

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They seem fine for now. Knowing me I'll eventually get some aftermarket wheels eventually and upgrade rubber then. I love Michelin and have had two sets of PSS and a few sets of PS2 in the past. I'm guessing the new PS4 or whatever they're calling it is going to be insanely expensive. Watching some friends at the launch event for it this week at the Thermal Club eating 7 course dinners paired with rare french wine and thinking to myself "that is why their tires are so expensive" lol.
post follow up

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