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Welcome to Mk2 land. Mine's a TTS, but a lot is the same. In addition to others comments...
Posted by: S5Cab (3245) on 2017-01-20 16:24:56
In Reply to: Introduction: new TT-RS owner, longtime Audi fan. Some noob questions + pics. posted by nnnick on 2017-01-17 20:45:49

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The brakes are hit or miss on whether you like them, some do some don't. If you want to sell them, let me know, they'd be an upgrade on my stockers and that's the next thing on my list to upgrade. For pads, I like the Carbotech XP10/XP8 combo. I might switch to XP10 on the rear to see if that moves the bias a little more to the rear.

Suspension: I started off with MSSKits and tried every version William came up with. For a daily driver that sees track use, the Sport kit is awesome (didn't you write a review of Craig's TT-RS?). I have the fixed front sport kit on my S3 and it's perfect. The Track Pack 'LS' is livable on the street, but I would not want it in a daily driver. I switched to the Penske's as my TTS is becoming a dedicated track car and I'm eliminating compromises. My RSB is set to soft and I was able to get some good rotation. If you are serious about the track, then negative front camber is a must. The ball joints on your front control arms can move in an out to give a little more negative camber, most i was able to get was -1.7. Right now, I'm at -2.5 and need a little bit more. Will try -3.0 as I continue to dial in the new suspension. At the rear, the previously mentioned trailing arm bushings from 034 Motorsports make a big difference in how the rear of the car moves. I did not really notice the bushing flex before I replaced them, but really noticed it being eliminated.

Haldex controller - highly recommended. Get the competition controller. It's the one that keeps the rear engaged while braking, the race setting on the adjustable one does not. I never saw the point in the switchable version.

There are more things that can be done, but they are incremental. Next up for me: more brakes, more cooling, delete heat & a/c, full cage, aero and ... slope gets very slipery
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