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Wow, beautiful machine. Awesome pointers. Will probably do the MSS street kit when
Posted by: nnnick (9750) on 2017-01-20 19:45:38
In Reply to: Welcome to Mk2 land. Mine's a TTS, but a lot is the same. In addition to others comments... posted by S5Cab on 2017-01-20 16:24:56

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I get the itch to upgrade suspension. Car will definitely see track use, but probably only a couple times a year given my schedule...so sounds like a perfect fit.

I ran Carbotechs on my S4 and loved them, so will probably stick with the brand.

Lots of feedback on the alignment spec, so will definitely do that as well! I have a good shop here that aligns everything by hand and is good with custom specs and race setups, so shouldn't be an issue.
post follow up

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