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Well guys...decided to change my silver, AWD, MT, normally aspirated German coupe for another one!
Posted by: Silver Stealth (1039) on 2017-02-04 17:36:55

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Really wanted another manual transmission car and have grown to love the linear power delivery of a naturally aspirated engine. Audi and most others left me no where else to go with these two requirements!

Found this 1-owner 2010 Carerra 4S out in Colorado with only 33,000 miles. Was spec'ed exactly as I wanted it. Silver, manual, sport suspension, manual lightweight sport seats, not much else. Such a different beast but I'm loving getting to know it! With all the weight and power mainly in back, it's the exact opposite of the TT when it comes to weight transfer. Having to learn how to drive again!

My 2008 3.2 MT6 TT will be for sale soon. If you know of anyone who might be interested, shoot me a PM. It has just over 86,000 miles and is extremely clean and well cared for. I've done the following to it:
- Intake
- Exhaust
- GIAC throttle mapping
- Stiffer rear sway bar
- Alcon front racing brakes (370 mm)


post follow up

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